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Super Elasticlay is the strangest polymer clay made! After curing, it retains a spongy, rubberiness and can be twisted and pulled, without breaking! It is available in a Cream color only.

This little known clay is extremely easy to condition and care should be taken not to over condition it which will make it too soft to use. Without the use of armatures it is perfect for use in simple figurines and articles of the most basic shape. When wire armatures are constructed, you can use this wonderful clay to make poseable figures and doll bodies.

To color Super Elasticlay, use acrylic paints in thin washes; do not use thick coats which will crack when the Elasticlay is bent or stretched. Doll artist, Terri Brock has used Super Elasticlay to make "leather" and, rather than painting, has used Rit dye to color the surface. Super Elasticlay can be tinted by mixing a bit of Sculpey III (in colors) together. The resulting mix is colored but the strength is compromised by the addition of the Sculpey III.

tip:Elasticlay too soft? Put it in the refrigerator for a while and let it cool down, then use it again.

Super Elasticlay ( lb.)
: cream colored.
: bake in a pre-heated oven 275 F (135 C) for 15 minutes per " thickness.
becomes very rubbery and flexible after baking.
: excellent for flexible push molds, posable figures and toys.

Do you have questions about Super Elasticlay or polymer clay? Feel free to email Donna Kato, Polyform's in-house artist, for help.

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