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The following polymer clays are made in Germany by Eberhard Faber.

Fimo® (2.2 oz. / 65 g  and 13 oz)
: novice and professional modelling material.
: available in many colors including transparent, translucent, stone colors,
  dayglow  and nightglow.
: a fairly stiff clay and can require much kneading to condition to a soft pliable
  state  ready for sculpting. This stiffness is favorable for millefiori/cane work
bakes to a smooth matte finish .
strong and can be somewhat flexible after baking.
: excellent for sculptures, miniatures, wearable art, home decor and millefiori/
  canework  to name but a few applications.
: bake at 265
°F  ( 129°C ) for 20-30 minutes. Some of the colors require a lower
  baking temperature of 212
° ( 100° C ). Refer to the package instructions.
: maintains crisp detail.

Fimosoft  (1.75 oz. / 50g.)
: available in a limited range of colors and fluorescents.
: excellent clay for novices, children and arthritic hands.
: very easy to condition. Because of its softness it is important to let the clay rest
  and set up before rolling into the shape you need. 
: bake at 265
° F / 129° C for 20- 30 minutes.
: bakes to a hard matte finish.

Mix Quick (6 oz. / 180 g)
: a milky white mixing medium
: blend with the stiffer clays to help make the conditioning process easier.
: when used in ratios of I part Mix Quick to 5 parts clay, the clay color will not change.
: perfect for blending with crumbly hard clay.

The following polymer clay is a product of T & F GmbH, Company of Germany.

Cernit® (2..3 oz./ 65g. - White/Black Incl. Glamour 250 g - Dollmaking 500g)
: available in many colors including neon, pearlescent ( glamour) and wonderful doll
  flesh shades, flesh, biscuit and caramel.
: popular choice by professional doll makers because of the semi-translucent
  porcelain like finish.
: said to be the strongest of the polymer clays. It has a certain flexibility after baking so
  that thin pieces will not snap or break.
: fairly easy to condition. When fully conditioned it can be a bit rubbery and sticky so
  because of its softness it is important to let the clay rest and set up before rolling into
the shape you need.
: bake at 215
° F ( 100° C ) to 270°F ( 130° C ) for 5 to 30 minutes. The length of time 
  will be determined by the model size and thickness.
: good definition when  texturing the surface of the clay. More Information

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