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The newest addition the Polyform Products family is Granitex, the clay you can take for Granite! It shares the same easy conditioning and excellent handling properties of Super Sculpey, Sculpey III and Promat. The unique visual texture is accomplished by the addition of fibers in the clay. Conditioning will not affect this textural finish; the fibers cannot be "mixed away"; they will always remain separate from the clay. Granitex can be mixed with the other polymer clays; the making of jade, for instance.

Granitex is available in eight subtle, pastel tones, sold in 2oz. blocks and a sample pack of 8 pieces (1 one ounce bar of each color). The colors remain stable and once cured, Granitex has an attractive matte finish. Sculpey Glaze can be used to intensify colors and luster.

Granitex can be used to make jewelry, miniatures, imitative stones and figurines. It is also highly recommended for use in the area of home decor. Granitex is not recommended for millefiori; the fibers drag as the cane is cut, blurring and softening the image.

tip: Mix Translucent Sculpey III and a bit of Leaf Green Sculpey III with Green Granitex for a simple Jade imitation.

Granitex ( 2 oz. and assortment package of eight 1 oz. pieces)
: available in subtle, stone-like colors which resemble granite.
: easy to condition, textural quality is not affected.
: bakes to a matte finish.
: bake in a pre-heated oven 275 F ( 135 C ) for 15 minutes per " thickness.
: excellent for beads, jewelry, faux-stone vases, home decor items etc.
: due to the fibers, Granitex is not suitable for cane/millefiori work.

Do you have questions about Granitex or polymer clay? Feel free to email Donna Kato, Polyform's in-house artist, for help.

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