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Page One of Awards, 1998

Gadart of Germany "...a great Site!" 3/98

For Creativity, Design and Content 3/98
CyberEagles "... site has exceeded the criteria outlined for the "Award of Excellence.." "the BEST of the BEST" 3/98

Heartland Hills " far one of the most impressive sites on the World Wide Web" 3/98
Web Author's Choice "A definite 'bookmark'".

Award of Excellence for Web site Design 4/98

Critical Mass "excellent design..informative and entertaining. A worthy enterprise & positive contribution to the Web" 3/98

UFO Graphics Mania"..sure to remain in the "top 25" for some time". "Superb layout". 4/98

Webmasters Creativity Award "...good information.. well done, responsive and easy to navigate" 4/98
"...shows great content, organizational skills, intelligent use of graphics, and source code quality" 4/98

King of the Jungle "...for outstanding excellence in your web page design" 3/98

GAR Italy! Excellence in art and design " does indeed stand above others". 4/98

Site of the day "Thanks 4 the beautiful experience!" 04/09/98 4/98

award 7/98

For Quality Content and Design " is among the best of the Web!" 4/98

"..we believe your site is essential to the sum of the global deposit of knowledge"

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Mann Gallery expresses it's deep appreciation for the above awards.