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Body Mass Index Calculator
Please read the disclaimer below.
BMI=your weight in kilograms
square of your height in meters
Your Height
Your Weight

Your BMI is
Men Women Risk Factor
less than 20.7 less than 19.1 Underweight. The lower the BMI the greater the risk
20.7 to 26.4 19.1 to 25.8 Normal, very low risk
26.5 to 27.8 25.9 to 27.3 Marginally overweight, some risk
27.9 to 31.1 27.4 to 32.2 Overweight. moderate risk
31.2 to 45.4 32.3 to 44.8 Severe overweight, high risk
greater than 45.4 greater than 44.8 Morbid obesity, very high risk

Source: Hamilton and Whitney's Nutrition Concepts and Controversies
Disclaimer: Information contained on this page is neither designed nor intended to serve as medical advice. You should not act in accordance to the content provided in this form. Consult with your personal physician if you feel you have a weight problem. I shall not be liable for any physical or psychological damages suffered as a result of using this form or script.

And honest...I didn't say you were fat!!! The chart did it!

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