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You can Find the Doll Books You Need Now!

Some of the Best Books Available!
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Premier Examples of Art Dolls!


The Magic of Brian Froud and Faeries and Elves!

cover   cover

coverFun from the Best at Disney!!cover
Encyclopedia of Faeries cover

Susanna Oroyans Books! Lots and Lots of Photos and Information! From Beginner to expert!

cover cover cover

Bob McKinley  bobs Sculpting Dolls in Paperclay

Marleen Engeler of the Netherlands Sculpting Dolls in Cernit

Prop Building! coverMoldmaking! cover

Handcarved Marionettes coverBunraku From Japan:cover

Mann Gallery Doll Page Links and Art Links

Main Home Page of Mann Gallery
What is Mann Gallery, Mission Statement, Information on and examples of artists works considered to be the best, links to sale pages and many art links.
Interesting Links Page
Links to pages of terms: glossary of art and glossary of doll terms; Pages of information on various clays and casting and more information for the beginner or the expert.
BostonArts: Unique items from the Gallery
One of a Kind artist works from Germany and the Netherlands. Art Glass from Roumania, Shanghai Advertising Posters from China, and unique decorative art for those with discerning, sophisticated taste!
Dollartsale and FunPages at the Gallery
Leads to many pages of art dolls up to 60% off as well as pages of fun information such as: Chinese Horoscope, Trip Timers, Time Zones, "What a Gallery Really Means When They Say...", and much more.

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