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Language of the Art Trade

When Dealer's Say.... What they Really Mean is....
1. I've been trying to reach you forever. 1. Someone else has your stuff and now my client wants it!
2. I've been following your work 2. I thought I saw your name in somebodys ad somewhere
3. It's part of my personal collection 3. I've had this thing so long it has cobwebs on it.
4. Every 1 of a kind has to wait for that special buyer 4. I can't even give this damn thing away!
5. It's an interesting piece 5. Just what is this thing supposed to be?
6. I mailed your check already. 6. I'll mail it sometime next week maybe.
7. Your photography is wonderful!! 7. You've managed to make junk look like art
8. I never discount 8. I call it a client's special price.
9. I'm having a special show I'd love you to be a part of 9. I want your work on consignment only.
10. Your costuming is the best part 10. As a sculptor you're a good costumer!
11. Don't duplicate the piece..just the same feeling. 11. I want the exact same thing.
12. Just take your time, I can wait. 12. I can' afford to pay you right now
13. You're so prolific! 13. Boy you crank these things out
14. I've been meaning to get back to you 14. Who is this anyway?
15. Your work has potential 15. Lord this is bad..another looser!
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