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Language of the Art Trade

When Artists Say.... What they Really Mean is....
1. I've heard so much about you. 1. I saw your ad in a magazine and figured you might bite and buy something.
2. I'm taking my time to make this really special for your gallery. 2. Everything's going wrong with this damn thing and it's taking me forever to fix it.
3. I made this doll special for you 3. I've reworked this thing that no one else would even look at AND/OR It's too weird for anyone else.
4. I NEVER sell directly to collectors. 4. I don't know any collectors. And If I did they never heard of me.
5. I shipped the piece yesterday. 5. I haven't gotten around to packing it yet. However if you want to pay the shipping costs......
6. The doll looks much better in person. 6. Once it's in your hands, you own it!! No Returns.
7. I am a perfectionist and always stand behind my work. 7. My work is perfect..therefore no returns, no repairs.
8. I'm bringing lot of pieces for your show. 8. I have a lot of stuff I've been unable to "unload" and lots of "experiments".
9. This piece is very fragile. 9. This has more hot glue holding it together.. keep away from all heat/light sources!
10. I'll get photos out to you right away. 10. My photos are at another dealers right now... you can have what she doesn't want.
11. I've been waiting for your call. 11. I certainly didn't want to pay long-distance charges! I can outwait you!
12. I have my own costumers. 12. Toys-R'Us and Walgreens sell doll clothes, I shrink 'em and rework 'em!
13. I create and hand finish all the costumes. 13. I wrap and use Tackey Glue as I go along.
14. My dolls are as good as ......'s only less expensive. 14. I'm copying ......'s work and selling it cheaper. OR I bought her molds and can tweak 'em a million ways!
15. I've been involved with working with dolls since childhood. 15. I've made mud castles,.. OR I glued my Barbies together.
16. Each one is unique and individual, a one-of-a-kind. 16. I use a press mold and tweak each one to look different.
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