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Selections from Gallery 1:2

bar ARTIST WORKS on this page by

Sherry Housley - Yara Anderson - Chomick and Meder -

Sasaki of Japan - Kazuo of Japan - C Sharpe Glass - Andra Dunn -

Tim - Mundi Gove

by Sherry Housley
Sculpture - Resin 1 of 15

by Chomick & Meder
 Fantasy Sculpture

by Yara
Fantasy Sculpture in Porcelain

by Kazuo of Japan
Character/Fantasy Dressed Sculptures

by C Sharpe Glass
 Glass and brass Sculpture

by Andra Dunn
Fabric Sculpted Fantasy

by Sasaki of Japan
Portrait Sculpture

Needle Sculpture Fabric Portrait

by Mundi Gove
Theatrical Character Sculpture

Tim of Norway Wax Sculpture

by Yara Porcelain Puppet Sculpture

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