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Please Note: Photo quality is only "good" quality and not very crisp. This was done to facilitate a faster loading page.
- ARTIST WORKS this page by:
the Creagers - June Goodnow - Lucia Friedericy - Sherry Housley - Bill Nelson -

Lisa Lichtenfels - Yara

By Sherry Housley
Polyform Clay 

by June Goodnow

by Don Becker - Puppeteer
Character/Fantasy Sculpture Marionette

By Bill Nelson - Illustrator

Lisa Lichtenfels
Soft Sculpture Portrait - Warrior

by June Goodnow
Native American Sculpture

Stoneware (one of a kind sculpted)

by Don Becker - Puppeteer
Miniature Puppet of Polyform Clay
by Lisa Lichtenfels
Soft Sculpture - the Last Samaritan

By Yara Fantasy