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Please Note: Photo quality is only "good" quality and not very crisp. This was done to facilitate a faster loading page.
- ARTIST WORKS this page by:
the Creagers - Lisa Cartmell - Lucia Friedericy - Bill Nelson -

Carol Plaia - Yaz & Irena

By Carol Plaia

by Raz & Irena of Russia
Wood Puzzle Sculpture

by Bill Nelson - Illustrator
Character/Fantasy Sculpture

By Lucia Friedericy
Character/Fantasy Wax over Porcelain

by of Italy
Character  Mini Puppets in porcelain

by Lisa Cartmell
Mermaid Fantasy wax over polyform clay

by Lisa Cartmell
Mermaid Fantasy Wax Over Polyform Clay

by Don Becker - Puppeteer
Miniature Puppet of Polyform Clay
by Kate Lackman
Fantasy Dressed Sculpture of Mixed Media

By Carol Plaia Fantasy mask