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One of a Kind Works

by June Goodnow
'Buffalo Caller'   one of a kind
copyright 1989  
Polymer head, hands, cloth body with wire armature
about 24" tall (sitting position)

by June Goodnow

Copyright 1996
one of a kind  Cernit head and hands. 
Cloth body with wire armature
He is 13" tall (sitting position)

by June Goodnow
This is a one of a kind with Cernit head and hands,
and cloth body with wire wire armature
14" tall, (sitting}
I call him "Un-painted for War", as he has no 'War Paint' on his face. 
He has some porcupine quillwork on the front of his leather shirt
and wears a bone/shell necklace and holds a catlinite peacepipe,
which is decorated with feathers.
Copyright 1994 

Limited Edition pieces, up to 25

by June Goodnow
Native American Sculpture "Wolf Robe" of the Cheyenne tribe
LE 25  Resin head and hands.  Cloth body with wire armature
14" tall, (sitting position)
Copyright 1995
By June Goodnow
Polyform Clay 'Gathering Firewood'
copyright 1994 
LE 25 Resin head and hands. Cloth body with wire armature
17 " tall

by June Goodnow

Museum Pieces

By June Goodnow

Nez Perce Woman

By June Goodnow

"Huichol" male 
copyright 1994  
one of a kind;  polymer clay, with cloth body and wire armature.
He stands 16 inches tall.  Dressed in the traditional Huichol tribal costume.
Made especially for the Museum of the Red River at Idabel, Oklahoma.

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