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Clubs, Magazines and Places of Interest
for Dollmakers, Collectors, Etc.

Actions Figures Times
category: magazine
location: Van Nuys, CA
The only interactive Action Figure newspaper on the Net! Add your own input by asking questions, writing articles or giving us news and rumors which may appear in the next issue. by BTN Network

Girder and Panel Toy Collectors Club
category: club
location: Box 494, Bolton, MA 01740
The Girder and Panel Toy Collectors Club offers information about Kenner Girder and Panel Construction sets, as well as sources for finding and buying toys of the 1950s and 1960s. There is also a section on toy cowboy and army guns.

HATITUDES hats and more
category: club
HATITUDES hats and more. Custom period fashion doll hats of the 40s and 50s, featuring Mel Odom's Gene Marshall doll.

House of International Dolls
category: museum
location: Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables
We are a doll museum and porcelain doll manufacturer featuring world famous Anne of Green Gables located in Prince Edward Island.

Jem Grrrlz!
category: museum
A collectors guide to Hasbro's JEM dolls. Come see pics of the dolls, fashions, accesories and more!!!

Lucy and Me Collecting Network
category: club
location: PO Box 31265, Omaha, NE 68131, USA
The Lucy and Me Collecting Network is an international club which celebrates the artwork of Seattle artist Lucy Rigg. Check out this site for information on Lucy and Me, Chapeau Noelle, Beary Best (and more!) products by Enesco.

Master Collector Online
category: magazine
location: 12513 Birchfalls Dr Raleigh NC 27614
Check out our over 8,000 classified ads online. Manfacturer information also available. Look in the Picture Gallery for your friends collection pictures. Also don't forget to go to the world's first Virtual G.I. Joe Convention.

Porcelain Doll Bulletin Board
category: club
If you a dollmaking question or would like to answer someone elses questions, visit our new bulletin board. Be sure to visit our sister BB too, the Vinyl Doll Bulletin Board.

The House of International Dolls
category: museum
location: Desable, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Porcelain Anne of Green Gables, and other dolls hand made here on the premises. The House of International Dolls is also the only Doll Museum in Atlantic Canada.

ToyNEWS (multilagual)
category: magazine
location: Germany
ToyNEWS is an online Toys and Games Magazine for consumers and professionals alike. ToyNEWS is part of ToyNET the meeting point for people who are interested in toys and games of all sorts.

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