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June Goodnow

June Goodnow began her doll making career in 1971 while living on a ranch in South Dakota, near a Sioux Indian Reservation. She was fascinated with the faces, costumes and culture of the Native American people, and chose to portray them in miniature.

June has photographed and studied the various tribes at local and national pow-wow celebrations. She has also researched artifacts and apparel housed in museums all over the world.

June Goodnow's works are in private collections everywhere. One of her pieces, Nez Perce Woman, is in the Musseé des arts Decortifs, Paris, France. Other works are in collections in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and Lebanon.

This is the gateway to the wonderful works of June Goodnow. Click on any small image to see a larger view in greater detail. Titles and file sizes for the larger views are listed below each image.

Gathering Wood Wolfrobe Unpainted
Gathering Wood

Singer Drummer Nez Perce Woman
Singer Drummer
Nez Perce Woman

To learn more about June, the artist and the person see the article by Dolores Hannon

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