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Art dolls created by artists from varied disciplines. Robert Tonner, Richard Simmons, dutch artists, many representations of doll art seen here
Richard Simmons Creations of the Masters
1998 Annie Wahl
Edith Head Silver Screen for Robert Tonner
Tonner ladies dressed in Edith Head Fashions from Films.
The Creager editions, including Award Winner!
Three of the 1999 Vintage New Orleans Series.
From the Netherlands
Tena Kamerbeek's fairies (OOAK!)

More from the Netherlands from 1999
Ankie Daanen's Fantasies (OOAK)
Robert Tonners ladies from 1999
The Models are here! So is Tyler!
Models of 1998
The ladies from the previous year!
Editions for Richards Simmons Masters by Friedericy!
Lucia Friedericy's Nursery Rhymes and More!
Marlene Engeler - Netherlands
OOAK Bird Fairy!!!!
Chinese Wood Art
Humanoid Manikins (mannequins??)
King Kong of Manikins!

Photo pages added to the Gallery

From time to time we will add pages of photographs of limited editions by artists known at the Gallery for their one of a kind Art Dolls, or recently added one of a kind work.

Please check the links on the left for the photos. There will be new pages added to this "NEW" section and we will add them to the top of the list as they are completed.

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