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The first two photos are of the original prototypes for Knickerbocker. Knickerbocker was very faithful to these.
the bottom photo is from the catalogue by Knickerbocker for these editions (7,500 each).

Mr. Jazzman: The poetic sound of his soulful saxophone places a soothing embrace on this downtown block. I can hear every note he plays in the distance through my window each night when I go to sleep says Rose. Heíll play rain or shine and never takes the night off. Between songs I can hear his bellowing, jovial laugh. And, while I canít see their faces I know everyone on the street is smiling because his enthusiasm is contagious. Heís played with all the greats, and taught them all a piece or two. His name is Willie Dutton, but he prefers to be called Jazzman.
Artists: Jodi and Richard Creager
Medium: Resin
Size: 10"
Edition: 7,500
Price: $149.00


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