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Carol Plaia Price List

Carol Plaia Price List

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Title Medium Size Price
1. Supplicant at the Throne of the Goddess of Coppertone Cloth, Acrylic 17X17X5 $550
2. The Cunning Little Vixen Cloth, Acrylic 15X14X6 $650
3. Winter Cloth, Acrylic, Found Plastics 12X7X6 $650
4. Visitor IV Cloth, Modeling Compound, Found Objects 30X14X6 $800
5. Terrazzina Cloth, Acrylic, Computer Punch Tape Holes 15X8X10 $750
6. Terrazzan Cloth, Acrylic, Computer Punch Tape Holes 12X8X11 $750
7. Terrazzina II Cloth, Acrylic, Computer Punch Tape Holes 15X7X10 $750
8. For Marija Cloth, Acrylic 16X15X5 $500
9. Invidia (Envy) Cloth, Acrylic 16X15X5 $650
10. The Splendor of Opposites Cloth, Acrylic 15X11X4 $500
11. The Woman of No Color and Her Sisters Clear Plastics, Black Velvet 84X48X24 $1,500

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