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Collection of the Masters by Richard SimmonsBoundless energy and tireless commitment have made Richard Simmons a familiar face in homes around the world. His characteristic sense of humor and enthusiastic charm have placed him at the forefront of the fitness industry with a never-ending stream of ideas.

Richardís studies of art in Italy led to a degree in Graphic and Fashion Illustration. His eye for design built his appreciation for fine works of art. As a collector, Richard filled his home with an impressive collection of glass sculptures from the worlds top glass artists. The devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake shattered much of his exquisite collection, but not his collectorís heart.

Richardís passion for collecting took a turn when a friend gave him a one of a kind artist doll. What began as one doll became a collection that now fills every room of his house. Sharing his love of these exquisite dolls Richard now presents The Collection of the Masters; a culmination of Richardís creative direction, passion for collecting and his dream to share the work of true Master Artists with collectors around the world.

Click the names below to see creations by NIADA Artist Annie Wahl for the Collection of the Masters!

Nana  Norman  Sister Mary Margaret  Uncle Jake

Aunt Clara  Marge & Max  Aunt DellaMae

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