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Mann Gallery Update

A New Beginning
Nancie Mann
Monday, June 01, 1998 18:51:21

Mann Gallery has been operating for over seven years in the historic Back Bay of Boston. Almost six of those years have been spent on the prestigious "Parisian Style" Newbury Street, a street of outdoor cafe's and home to most all of Boston's art galleries. However, times have changed and now Newbury Street has become more of a "Rodeo Drive and Mall" style and is now home to many of the large designer and clothing chains which now include Nike, Guess and the Gap to mention only a few. The street is still wonderful but the diversity and plenitude of small boutiques and unusual shops mixed with the european and local designers has changed.

At this time some of the galleries of Newbury Street have begun to move to other sites that are more akin to "art" communities and artist's havens. Mann Gallery is no exception and over this spring and summer the gallery will be pursuing a variety of alternative settings, from Bohemian lofts to glass street fronts.

What Have We Seen?

Well so far we have looked toward the South End where many artists and galleries have been moving, however this area does not have any public transportation nearby, and since many of our clients, visitors and friends are from out-of-state, this is not very convenient. Also the spaces available lend themselves to better use as working lofts for artists.

We looked to Downtown Boston, the area where the project entitled Millenium is underway. Because of that construction as well as the remains of some of the "Combat Zone" adult entertainment area still to be removed, we have decided that is not suitable.

The latest area is the West End which is quite nearby the historic North End (Remember Paul Revere!) and within walking distance of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Our only problem right now is the de-construction of the Boston Garden and "the Big Dig" Boston renovations!

So What Now?

We are hoping that there will not be any major interuptions of the day to day gallery functions, however we must also be aware that "circumstances beyond our control" may also make it necessary to have a short hiatus while waiting for the right property to become available.

With all of the possibilities in mind, and the large task of moving, we are also having an unheard of "sale" of one-of-a-kind art works. We realize we may have to sacrifice space as well as revamp our existing display areas while undertaking this change and have decided to have the sale for two reasons: it makes out job easier AND at the same time it will also give our existing clients an opportunity to benefit as well. Also we would hope we could, by way of introductory pricing, present this new art genre to those not familiar with "the Art of the Doll".

Please contact us at 617-696-6666 for any further information. And be sure to visit our web site:

Mann Gallery, 39 Newbury Street, suite 208, Boston, MA 02116

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