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- ARTIST WORKS this page by:
the Creagers - Lisa Cartmell - Lucia Friedericy - Bill Nelson -

Carol Plaia - Yaz & Irena

By Carol Plaia

by Raz & Irena of Russia
Wood Puzzle Sculpture

by Bill Nelson - Illustrator
Character/Fantasy Sculpture

By Lucia Friedericy
Character/Fantasy Wax over Porcelain

by i pupi of Italy
Character Mini Puppets in porcelain

by Lisa Cartmell
Mermaid Fantasy wax over polyform clay

by Lisa Cartmell
Mermaid Fantasy Wax Over Polyform Clay

by Don Becker - Puppeteer
Miniature Puppet of Polyform Clay

by Kate Lackman
Fantasy Dressed Sculpture of Mixed Media

By Carol Plaia Fantasy mask

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