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Gallery Seeking Artists! Basic information about background needed


Best Art Dolls Examples of Museum Quality Work


Artists: Creagers
Title: Georgia O'Keefe

CLEARANCE SALE: Artist Dolls, Collectables and Small Editions... Currently Available and Representing Many Levels of Expertise

Artist: Sasaki
Title: Desert Wind

Some Materials Used to Create Art Dolls


Airdry and Polymer Clays

Some of the Best Artists! NIADA and Others

Artist: the Creagers
Asian Fantasy

Our Awards Pages!

Albert Evans by UTA

Nancie Mann
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With some help from Mann Gallery

So what is it?

A Unique Decorative Accessory......

Scientific surveys show that the thing we like to look at the most in the world is people; it's a simple fascination for the face and figure (who doesn't love to "people-watch"?). Mann Gallery is the only gallery that is dedicated to the newest and rapidly expanding art form: the Art Doll. Some galleries in New York and Santa Fe have added a few dressed sculptures and fantasy figures to their exhibits and there has even been a permanent display installed at the Louvre in Paris in the last few years, however no other gallery exists that caters to the emerging, as well as the established, artists in this field and to such an extent as Mann Gallery.

Celebrities, art lovers and sophisticated buyers from around the world are discovering the joy and magic of this new and growing world of mixed-media characters, many of which are becoming sound investments. Mann Gallery would like to introduce and educate all who have a sense of wonder and appreciation of fine art as well as imagination, and we also encourage new as well as established artists from every field to participate and create, knowing that there are those who understand and appreciate their talent and vision.

You will find that Art Dolls represent a kaleidescope of styles and subjects ranging from the sublime to the whimsical, from eccentric character pieces to classically designed and executed historic figures, and works that defy classification! Many of the creations are like the pages of ornate fantasy illustration art come to life, or portraits, or perhaps even some dark corner of our own mind!

True Art Dolls are painstakingly crafted by sculptors, fashion designers, animators, puppeteers, portrait artists, theatrical and special effects designers, graphic artists, illustrators, and many other talented creative men and women using a wide variety of materials including: polymer, stone, paper or porcelain clay, wax, fabric, resin, wood, washi paper, poured silicone latex, and other contemporary sculpting and modeling materials.

An art doll (or a multi media figurative sculpture, artist created doll, fine art doll, dressed sculpture, etc.) is a one-of-a-kind figurative piece created by someone with an art\background who may or may not be working in their field of art at the time. All of the artists create from scratch, use no commercial molds, and are required to have a broad knowledge not only of anatomy and sculpting but needlework, wig-making, painting, design... just about every art discipline is needed to make a sculptural piece that may have a fabric in body, or perhaps silk thread for hair, painted skin tone, handmade jewelry, authentic costume, unobtrusive means of display, etc. etc. It is all within the artists imagination and creative skills. It would take many volumes to describe (as well as show) the immense variety of work that can be considered an "art doll", however within the pages of the Mann Gallery site we hopefully will be able to present at least an introduction and some understanding of dressed sculptures, characters and fantasy figures... Art Dolls.

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